Forest Mind Basics Course (extended)

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Forest Mind Basics Course (extended)


Organizer: Erja Järvelä / Mixing Nuts Oy and Tariki Trust


Description: Forest Mind is a Finnish well-being method including various types of relaxation, mindfulness and mind skills exercises designed to utilize and intensify the natural healing effects of nature. This method uses the latest, most widely accepted trends in psychology, therapy, and coaching, including mindfulness and life coaching, in a natural setting or with natural imagery. Forest mind method combines the wellbeing effects of nature with mind skills.


With this basic course you learn basics of the method, how to use the method for your own wellbeing, as well as getting a bit of a feeling for how it feels to be guided with this method. You receive tools and exercises for your everyday wellbeing. You will also receive a certificate of the training, if you wish. If you get excited, there is further education available in the form of Forest Mind guide and instructor courses, which allow you to use the brand officially in your business.


The course will be held in 3 parts: 2 sessions on zoom and a self-study period delivered within a private online portal. The live sessions are held on Zoom on 11th April and 25th April, both from 1-3pm (BST/UK). You will be expected to complete the online course (around 5-6 hours study) in the time between these two events. If you are a Ten Directions student, this offering counts as 10 hours of course credits.


Although this event is part of the Ten Directions training course for ecotherapy practitioners, anybody can book and take part in this public online event. If you are interested, please do buy a ticket.


Please note that at Tariki Trust, we generally do not record our online events.






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