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Forest Mind Basic Course in web

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Mixing Nuts Oy

Erja Järvelä


Forest Mind Basics is designed to enhance and maintain wellbeing with the aid of the nature. You receive tools and exercises for your every day wellbeing. Forest mind method combines the wellbeing effects of the nature with the mind skills.


The course provides strengthening of the self knowledge as well as your personal resources and tools for recovery and relaxation.


This is fully a self-study type of training and you will receive a certificate after finishing it, if you so wish.


The training consists of about 40 minutes powerpoint presentation about the framework and principles of the Forest Mind method, and 9 video exercises, which you can listen in the nature or even at your desk virtually. Did you know that the virtual nature has same kind of effects in your body as the real one? You also have 12 exercises in a written format, which you may download for your own use. Also there is a self-training template, which you may use for your own benefit.


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Everyone interested in his/her well-being strengthened by the well-being effects of the nature and mind skills.


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Self-timing, at own pace. Around 5 hours total.



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