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Forest Mind 10 years - Inspiration Seminar
Hotel Hyvinkään Sveitsi, Härkävehmaankatu 4, 05900

As the main event of the 10th anniversary of the Metsämieli® - i.e. Forest Mind method, we will organize a seminar in Hyvinkään Sveitsi in the southern Finland.


The seminar is aimed at the network of Forest Mind experts and all professionals interested in utilising nature-based methods from the fields of health and social services, education, and nature.
In the mornings of the both seminar days, we will hear interesting lectures on nature and mental skills, as well as research perspectives and experiences of nature-based methods in different customer groups and countries. In the afternoons, our Forest Mind experts lead workshops with different themes in the nearby nature.


Note: Friday the 30th is conducted in Finnish, and Saturday the31st in English.


You can participate one or two days, or remotely for the lectures in the mornings.


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